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Mark’s Art Studio

on April 20, 2013


After class yesterday, I invited my friend Jess to go see my cousin Mark and his art studio at MICA.

Mark is a junior at Maryland Institute College of Art and he has been wanting me to check out his art studio. I brought Jess over to see the studio because I thought it would be something we both enjoy. When Jess and I got to the studio at MICA, I saw that there were a variety of different kinds of artwork, including paintings, sculptures, drawings, graffiti, and other really cool works of art!

Mark gave us the tour of not only his art gallery, but he showed all the other galleries on that floor (except senior and graduate).  I noticed that some students shared art gallery space while others had studio space all to themselves. Although some people shared studio space, each individual person had their own form of art and that surprised me because I would think that two people sharing the same studio space would in some form influence each others’ works of art.

I am glad i took the opportunity because I like to do art myself (mainly painting) and now seeing this studio influenced me to do a painting of my own, which I will be blogging about sometime this week or next week!


3 responses to “Mark’s Art Studio

  1. Keep writing Amanda! Thanks for visiting my blog too.

  2. Mimi, I will keep writing and I will visit your blog site as well!
    Kimjessi, it was fun! I hope we can make it to the senior art show this year!

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