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My EOS Lip Balm Review

on January 7, 2015

I wanted to do a review of these gorgeous lip balms because I was lucky enough to receive all of them as gifts for Christmas and all throughout the holidays! Normally they cost about $3 or $4 each at any store including ULTA, WalMart, Target, or anywhere else. I decided to do a review of each flavor I took a picture of in order from left to right. Here I go!

1. My friend got me Medicated Tangerine as part of a gift since a group of my friends and I were doing a Secret Santa thing. I like the name of the product because I needed lip balm to both have gorgeous lips and to medicate them whenever my lips are wind chapped due to the winter weather. This flavor is not as orangey as I would like, but I am very happy that the flavor of the lip balm and the overall feel to it does live up to its name!

2. Summer Fruit was one of the gifts my mom gave me for Christmas. I love the color of the product, as I do with any color that exists. At first, the product smelled unpleasant to me. When I tried it, however, I was pleasantly surprised about how yummy the flavor really is! Now that I am used to Summer Fruit, I don’t even mind the smell!

3. I was looking at Lemon Drop while shopping in various stores for holiday gifts because I love the taste of lemon candies, which is what I was expecting the flavor to be. I then got a gift card as a gift from work, so I decided to spend part of that money on the Lemon Drop flavor at Kohl’s. When I tried that lip balm, it tasted almost as much like lemon heads  (the candy) as I expected it to! The only difference is, however, that it is a lip balm, so it has a similar generic lip balm feel to the Medicated Tangerine one. I love Lemon Drop though, because it reminds me of lemon heads!

4. Blueberry Acai was another gift to me from my mother. I honestly did not expect that one, because it was the same flavor I gave to one of my friends as part of her Christmas gift! I tried my Blueberry Acai lip balm and it is sooo delicious! It is my second favorite lip gloss because of how sweet it is and how smooth the feel is!

5. Strawberry Sorbet was yet another gift from my mother. I like this flavor because it was the first EOS Lip Balm I ever used in my entire life and I ran out of it at one point. I now have a refill (thanks mom!). This is my third favorite lip balm because it is very sweet and has that candy/dessert flavor to it. It is really smooth too!

6. Passion Fruit was actually a flavor I have never seen before my mom gave this one to me for Christmas. Because I never seen it, I did not know what to expect. I like the flavor and smell of the lip balm because it reminds me of sweet tarts! I used to love sweet tarts as a child, so I definitely like this balm because I can still have that taste without all the sugar and weight gain!

7. Sweet Mint is my absolute favorite EOS Lip Balm flavor ever! The reason I say this is because the flavor is minty so my breath can feel extra fresh after brushing my teeth, chewing gum, or eating mints. I also love how cool it feels on my lips because it makes my lips feel hydrated and medicated. I have two of the Sweet Mint lip balms to be perfectly honest and I bought this flavor for one of my friends for Christmas!

I love all of these lip balms, but I could only review the seven flavors I have. I hope to be able to review some other flavors in the future!


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