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I am an artist, college student, and daycare worker. I blog about anything that's on my mind at any given time.

My Coach Purses

on January 15, 2015


Normally, I am not big into purses, but here’s my impression of Coach Outlet purses.

I got the coach purse from my sister and her husband, and I got the wallet from this lady at the daycare I work at.

When I received the wallet, I was so happy because I needed a new wallet anyway. I wasn’t expecting it to be from the Coach Outlet store though because I always thought the items were expensive. I love it because of the dark purple color and it fits my cards, money, and phone. I carry that thing around almost everywhere I go.

Originally, I got another purse from my sister and her husband for Christmas. I liked it a lot, but I needed a bigger one to fit my MacBook Air 11 so I told my sister I needed to exchange it. She told me I could do that as long as I have my receipt and to never lose my receipt no matter what. I listened to her advice. Because I listened, I was able to go to the local Coach Outlet Store so I could exchange the purse for the one that is photographed above with my wallet. I really love the one I have now because it fits my MacBook Air 11 along with everything else I need in there! It is black too (as you can see), which goes with absolutely anything I wear. I even still have the receipts too because I was told I can use it if anything happens to it so I can get a new one.

Basically, all I can really say is I love these products!


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