Amanda Wehberg

I am an artist, college student, and daycare worker. I blog about anything that's on my mind at any given time.

Apple-Ahhh-Rita Review

on January 18, 2015


The bud light Lime-A-Ritas are generally really great tasting but this is the first time I had an Apple-Rita.

In general, hard Apple ciders and Meade (which is a honey beer I get from the Renaissance festival normally) are my favorite beers to drink.

The Apple-Rita to me tastes more like a green apple soda with a hint of alcohol. I think it’s really great for people who don’t really like the taste of alcohol but for some reason want to drink something that tastes like hard cider. I would recommend it though for anyone!

In the state I live in its illegal to have alcohol delivered to your house but I will share a link anyway for those of you that can legally order alcohol online:


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