Amanda Wehberg

I am an artist, college student, and daycare worker. I blog about anything that's on my mind at any given time.

Wal-Mart Shopping Haul

on March 30, 2015


Left to right: extra super lash mascara in black, soft soap juicy pomegranate and mango infusions, pocket juice (to recharge your phone when your phone dies and there’s no electrical outlet), and clearasil rapid action daily face wash. 

I haven’t done a shopping haul in awhile so I decided to do one, obviously. Yesterday was my friend Jessica’s birthday party and before I went my plan was to go to the library to get some work done. I found out it was closed, so I decided to shop at Walmart for things I needed and then some. 

I decided to shop at wal mart because of how cheap they are compared to some other stores I have been to. I also needed to get basic hygienic things since I ran out so wal mart was my best option. Yes I know this is a random shopping haul, but I think a lot of people shop for things that have extremely different uses. 

Unfortunately, I cannot find the receipt for everything I bought, so I don’t remember the prices I paid for these by heart. All I can say is that I am satisfied with all of these products because they work the way they are supposed to for their individual purposes. 


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