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So I blogged 2 years ago about my cousin Mark when he showed my friend Jess and I his student art studio. He graduated from Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA) in 2014. Since then, he has done some art shows in different galleries. I had the honor of being invited to one of his art shows today. Of course, I couldn’t go to the opening because I had to work a double shift and he said it was crazy last night anyway.


When the family and I went into the gallery, since we were the only ones there at the time today, I at first had no idea what art would be there. The reason was that I really haven’t taken the time to see his work online before the show. I liked a lot of the artwork because most of them were ones I had never seen before and I for one LOVE abstract paintings! My absolute favorite part of the gallery as a whole was that there was a black room with a video he did of a man painting on a canvas. I just liked it because it was a black room 😀


The picture above that Mark painted is an image that was photoshopped to look blurry. Then he painted it on canvas to look blurry. This painting was the favorite of the whole family, but it wasn’t my favorite, although it was pretty amazing.


My favorite image that he painted was the image above of an abstract looking hotdog. The reason for this is because it fits more with Mark’s signature style of painting to me. Plus it isn’t blurry. My family all said I liked it because I was hungry. But I wasn’t really all that hungry. I think they said that because I didn’t like what they like. I don’t know. Anyway, being at the show was a great opportunity for me to see other people’s art besides my own once in awhile.


By the way, this is some of the family. From left to right: my uncle (who was behind my aunt so I didn’t get a whole image of him), my aunt, my grandma, and my dad.


Why Not Just Take a Picture?

IMG_0166I am using this image I took a picture of again, because I was in the process of reading this book when I came across a quote that really got to me.

I remember my cousin, who is also an artist, told my family about a time when he worked tirelessly on a portrait for his class, only for his art professor to ask “why don’t you just take a picture?” I, along with everyone else that heard this story, disagrees with the professor’s (quite demeaning) remark.

According to Betty Edwards,

“I believe one answer is that the purpose of realistic drawing is not simply to record data, but rather to record your unique perception- how you personally see something- and, moreover, how you understand the thing you are drawing (Edwards, 1999, p.102)”.

I most definitely couldn’t agree more with this quote, because I take this quote as something that tells people to express themselves. In art, I also believe that is the purpose of drawing or anything related to art.

Again, as I go through reading this book, I find more and more reasons to recommend this book to anyone: beginners in art, professionals, and anyone in between.

Here are some links you may want to visit to order this book:

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My First Time Reading “Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain”


Now I have considered myself an artist for a very long time, and my grandmother got me this book back when I was in high school (at age 15). Of course, for some odd reason I never had the chance to read this book until now (I am now 24 years old by the way…).

Because I am not quite done reading the book, I can’t summarize the whole thing, but I can say that what I did read so far felt like deja vu! I say this because I do remember doing some of the drawing exercises in some of my high school art classes and I have learned the whole right-brain/left-brain subject. I even have the same viewpoint as the author (so far) that anyone can acquire the skill of drawing because practice makes perfect.

I was never formally trained in the arts, but I do feel that a lot of the art terminology is familiar to me. It is always good, however, for me to be refreshed on familiar things so that the skills I acquired won’t be forgotten. The book to me seems only slightly outdated because of some of the wording the author of the book uses, but other than that, I would recommend it to anyone who appreciates drawing.

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