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So I blogged 2 years ago about my cousin Mark when he showed my friend Jess and I his student art studio. He graduated from Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA) in 2014. Since then, he has done some art shows in different galleries. I had the honor of being invited to one of his art shows today. Of course, I couldn’t go to the opening because I had to work a double shift and he said it was crazy last night anyway.


When the family and I went into the gallery, since we were the only ones there at the time today, I at first had no idea what art would be there. The reason was that I really haven’t taken the time to see his work online before the show. I liked a lot of the artwork because most of them were ones I had never seen before and I for one LOVE abstract paintings! My absolute favorite part of the gallery as a whole was that there was a black room with a video he did of a man painting on a canvas. I just liked it because it was a black room 😀


The picture above that Mark painted is an image that was photoshopped to look blurry. Then he painted it on canvas to look blurry. This painting was the favorite of the whole family, but it wasn’t my favorite, although it was pretty amazing.


My favorite image that he painted was the image above of an abstract looking hotdog. The reason for this is because it fits more with Mark’s signature style of painting to me. Plus it isn’t blurry. My family all said I liked it because I was hungry. But I wasn’t really all that hungry. I think they said that because I didn’t like what they like. I don’t know. Anyway, being at the show was a great opportunity for me to see other people’s art besides my own once in awhile.


By the way, this is some of the family. From left to right: my uncle (who was behind my aunt so I didn’t get a whole image of him), my aunt, my grandma, and my dad.


Ulta Haul


I used my Ulta gift card on the things pictured above and I plan on using the rest of my gift card on more things there.

1. Pomegranate Raspberry EOS Lip Balm ($3.49)
The pomegranate raspberry eos lip balm was really delicious and fruity.

2. Honeysuckle Honeydew EOS Lip Balm ($3.49)
The honeysuckle honeydew flavor was also delicious and it reminded me of a spring meadow mixed with fruit.

3. Ulta brand Sculpting Palette in Rosette ($14.00)
I needed new blush, bronzer and highlighter to contour my face like I would normally do in my makeup routine. I like this palette because it has buildable pigmentation, but isn’t too harsh for my fair skin.

4. Pur Minerals Correcting Primer in Hydrate and Balance ($31.00)
I have always liked the idea of priming your face before foundation. Although the idea is to make the makeup last longer, most primers normally are used for those with oily skin. Since I have dry skin, this primer works for me under moisturizer because it sets my makeup but it also moisturizes my skin so that my face looks better and less dry when wearing my makeup.

If anyone wants to order these products or other beauty products, go to this link:


Chili Cookoff Wine Decoy


There is a chili cookoff at little Havana in Baltimore city md. Since it is crowded, I decided to put my chili samples on top of my wine glass so that I won’t be carrying too much things at once! I hope the chili with the corn and cumin wins…

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My Coach Purses


Normally, I am not big into purses, but here’s my impression of Coach Outlet purses.

I got the coach purse from my sister and her husband, and I got the wallet from this lady at the daycare I work at.

When I received the wallet, I was so happy because I needed a new wallet anyway. I wasn’t expecting it to be from the Coach Outlet store though because I always thought the items were expensive. I love it because of the dark purple color and it fits my cards, money, and phone. I carry that thing around almost everywhere I go.

Originally, I got another purse from my sister and her husband for Christmas. I liked it a lot, but I needed a bigger one to fit my MacBook Air 11 so I told my sister I needed to exchange it. She told me I could do that as long as I have my receipt and to never lose my receipt no matter what. I listened to her advice. Because I listened, I was able to go to the local Coach Outlet Store so I could exchange the purse for the one that is photographed above with my wallet. I really love the one I have now because it fits my MacBook Air 11 along with everything else I need in there! It is black too (as you can see), which goes with absolutely anything I wear. I even still have the receipts too because I was told I can use it if anything happens to it so I can get a new one.

Basically, all I can really say is I love these products!

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Why Not Just Take a Picture?

IMG_0166I am using this image I took a picture of again, because I was in the process of reading this book when I came across a quote that really got to me.

I remember my cousin, who is also an artist, told my family about a time when he worked tirelessly on a portrait for his class, only for his art professor to ask “why don’t you just take a picture?” I, along with everyone else that heard this story, disagrees with the professor’s (quite demeaning) remark.

According to Betty Edwards,

“I believe one answer is that the purpose of realistic drawing is not simply to record data, but rather to record your unique perception- how you personally see something- and, moreover, how you understand the thing you are drawing (Edwards, 1999, p.102)”.

I most definitely couldn’t agree more with this quote, because I take this quote as something that tells people to express themselves. In art, I also believe that is the purpose of drawing or anything related to art.

Again, as I go through reading this book, I find more and more reasons to recommend this book to anyone: beginners in art, professionals, and anyone in between.

Here are some links you may want to visit to order this book:

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Why I PERSONALLY Hate Tinder

Yes… I’m single. Because of this I decided I would try tinder since I heard about it and how some people even were able to have good relationships off of it.

It’s a really simple concept of how it works. First of all, your Facebook profile picture is your profile picture on tinder so you don’t have to worry about uploading anything. For those few people that don’t know what it is, you basically swipe left on someone’s picture if you don’t like someone and you swipe right if you do. If someone you swiped right on did the same with you, then it’s a match and you can talk to the person online.
First things first, I am not stupid when it comes to online relationships or anything of the sort. I know that there are people out there who lie about themselves online. Because of this, being careful online is a must!

One thing I hate about tinder is that people are incredibly shallow on there. I mean, everyone is shallow in some way or other, but the shallowness of some people especially on sites like this makes me sick! Because people are more openly shallow online, tinder is now filled with people who are literally on there just to hookup, just like any other dating site out there. This isn’t even the main reason I hate tinder because everyone is different when it comes to things like that and I have met some great guys on there.

The main reason I hate that site is because I deleted my account on there once but then when I went back on it (regrettably) I found messages of people being mad at me because I didn’t reply to their messages since I thought I deleted the account! Anyway I did delete my account again after that then made a new one ONLY to make sure it actually deleted. This time it worked so I deleted my tinder account again in hopes it works. If it didn’t I guess I’m gonna have hate messages on there again but who cares?!

I personally have had the best experiences meeting guys in person so I would rather do that than go online. Again, that’s just me, and I know everyone is different.

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